; Ozone Tubes (Advanced Water Oxidation Processing)

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Emissions Fuel Technologies LLC is a supplier of Emissions Reducing and Fuel Economy improving technologies and other energy efficiency products.

Save 10-25% In Fuel (Diesel, Petrol, LPG) and at least 60% Reductions in Carbon Emissions

Solar optimization technology improves solar PV efficiency by 12%

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Ozone Tubes (Advanced Water Oxidation Processing)

The most valuable commodity in the world today is water and likely to remain so for the next century. The unit cost of water "especially drinking water" has skyrocketed due to peak water issues and stressed out chain supplies and is likely to go unsustainable in the next 20 years. To counter this new solutions must be added to keep human life in the balance.

Ozone Tubes offers a solution to these problems.....

Ozone Tubes is a product long overdue in the field of water engineering that goes beyond the metrics of poor water quality and consumer demand. Award-winning water is best judged for its smooth texture, crystal clear turbidity and virtual freshness that is brought to full potential with our product. Traditional ozone makes food and beverages taste good. We offer the cost of our EO water process up to 120,000 liters per day for DW companies like KURE H2O who has established us as leaders in the field of water quality.

What is proprietary about us is we are a product-driven company creating a value chain of customers both locally and abroad since going into alpha almost six years ago. We have sold Ozone Tubes on three continents including the USA, UK, and Dubai for those who depend on superior water quality and state of the art performance.

As the founding member. My job is to raise the bar on poor water quality and bring freshness back to the consumer with the value of our product. When it comes to award-winning water we start at the very top and leave little room for the second choice.

Pete Adams /Ozone Tubes USA

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