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dTechs enables electric utilities to wirelessly monitor technical and non-technical energy losses across their distribution system using a patented process that places sensor detection and monitoring/reporting software in the grid. dTechs addresses the last mile ‘gap’ in monitoring by using highly accurate medium voltage (MV) monitoring sensors and software. Our system reconciles with both analog metering and Smart Meter endpoints for precise line loss estimates. Our system includes the creation and delivery of a GIS grid database and the seamless incorporation into current outage management systems (OMS), including full fault detection. dTechs, founded in 2006, is located in Calgary, AB, Canada.

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dTechs Sensor Suite

dTechs enables electric utilities to cost effectively monitor and remediate technical and non-technical energy losses across their distribution grid.

 Permanent placement ensures complete grid integrity
 Plug and play on any live feed on medium/low voltage lines (50Hz/60Hz)
• Integrated Analysis Software
• GIS Geo Spatial database for grid
• Reconciles with Smart Meters & Billing Data / analog mechanical meters
• Identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes distribution losses
• Outage Management System
3 Stage Integration – Software, Mapping, Sensor
• All 3 stages of system must be adopted for full system benefits.
• Accurate mapping verified - GIS overlaid - Geo Spatial database.
• Utilities CSV data (AMI) aggregated and auto transferred to dTechs server.
• dTechs Sensor data polled (4 hrs to 24 hrs) and stored and reconciled with CSV data.
• Identifies , quantifies, and prioritizes distribution losses. Added power quality, harmonics and fault reporting
• Outage Management System
· High accuracy voltage 0—69 KV
· Current readings 0.5A—600A
· Immediate outage notification (OMS)
· True RMS
· Remote calibration— configuration —firmware updates
· Energy harvesting on MV
· Directional load and fault—full fault sensing
· Harmonics— Power factor—Temperature
· Poll-able, Replaceable Battery and Sim
· (GSM/CDMA/ 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE), DNP3 Protocol, Bluetooth

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