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Eco Waste Solutions (EWS), located in Burlington, Ontario, was established in 1994 and has a track record of success over the past 20+ years by demonstrating leadership in design-quality, environmental integrity and excellent customer service in its delivery of thermal waste conversion solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and biohazardous waste.
In 2016, EWS completed its acquisition of US-based Enercon Systems Inc. Enercon developed some of the very first operating Waste-to-Energy (WTE) facilities in the US. By combining EWS’ award-winning batch operated technology with Enercon’s technology for waste conversion, EWS has created a bankable WTE solution for customers looking to process and convert waste into energy.

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EWS Enercon CF4000 Thermal Waste Converter

The EWS small scale modular Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technology is uniquely designed to meet the requirements for smaller scale projects from 50 to 500 tonnes per day. No particular pre-processing of waste is required for the EWS modular system.
The ECO Enercon CF4000 Thermal Waste Conversion system operates under excess air conditions with precisely controlled temperature and oxygen levels through a combination of under-fire air, over-fire air and flue gas recirculation. Enercon’s unique patented flue gas recirculation technology is an innovation that provides uniquely precise real-time control of temperature and oxygen. Within the chamber, waste moves slowly along the stepped hearth as it is pushed by a series of rams. In this phase, the waste is transformed into a gas that is drawn into the Secondary Chamber for combustion. Ash residual is conveyed out of the Primary Chamber using a wet ash removal system.
Integrated features include Air Pollution Control Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, and Energy Recovery – Steam, power, hot water or hot air.

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