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Oizom is an Environmental Solution Company. Started with a life-centric approach, Oizom builds data-driven solutions for natural resources like Air, Water, Soil, Energy etc. By evolving with technology and through extensive R&D, Oizom Instruments aspires to set a class apart in its measurement accuracy and precision. Through an ecosystem of products, Oizom Instruments aims to make the environment understandable and predictable.

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Oizom Air Quality Monitor

Oizom Air Quality Monitor measures various parameters of pollution like PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, CO, O3, VOCs, Hydrocarbons, Noise etc. at a low cost without spending any energy and doing any infrastructure changes. Oizom Terminal (cloud analytics software) provides Real-time Air-quality Data Modelling, Air-quality Data Analytics, Automated Reports, Smart Notification, Real-time Pollution Mapping, Air-quality Predictions, Pollution Source Finding etc. Oizom mobile app shows location based air-pollution levels with data-driven suggestive actions for the users. Current Air-Quality Monitoring Solution is not Scalable and Sustainable because of Exorbitant Cost, Space Occupation, Energy Consumption and Heavy Operation Cost. By installing our low-cost ambient air-quality monitor which fits in existing infrastructure (retrofit) and does not occupy any space and man power the government authorities and smart cities will have a dense network of data points which will give them a pollution map of the city. Based on which they can take relevant infrastructure and policy level changes.

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