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We are a professional manufacturer of health care waste treatment equipment. The main technology we adopt is microwave disinfection, of which we have gained patents. And there is no dioxins and waste water generated during the process. And we have gained ISO9001. And SGS certificate is on the road. Our aim is to make the health care waste healthy.

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Product details

Health Care Waste Microwave Disinfection Equipment

1. Details of MDU

Item Model Processing Capacity (T/D) Power(kw) (L*W*H)mm Total Weight Way of Exhaust Treatment
MDU-3B/G 3 115 7855*2866*3300 12000 HEPA&activated carbon
MDU-5B/G 5 118 8355*2866*3300 13000 HEPA&activated carbon
MDU-10B/G 10 155 10136*2866*3240 15000 HEPA&activated carbon
Custom-made --- --- --- --- HEPA&activated carbon

2. What is Microwave disinfection?

Microwave is the electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is 1mm to 1000mm. The frequency of it is between several hundred MHz to 3000MHz. There are two kinds of microwave frequencies: (2450±50)MHz and (915±25)MHz, which are used in disinfection. Microwave can generate heat when it passes the medium and absorbed by the medium. The generation of heat is generated through the billions of vibration per second, vibration producing heat. The heat can make the protein of pathogenic microorganism in the medical waste deformation and solidification so that to cause the death of pathogenic microorganism and make the medical waste harmless. The aim of safe disposal is reached then.

3. Advantages of Microwave Disinfection

1. Microwave disinfection technology takes advantage of short disinfection time, fast speed, powerful penetrability, uniform temperature inside and outside, energy-saving, good disinfecting effect.
2. In the microwave field, cellular structure is destroyed, thus the material balance in and out the cell is damaged to cause the death of cell.
3. The combination of microwave and vapor makes the disinfection effect powerful.
4. There are no emissions of dioxin, odors and no waste water.

4. Process of MDU

1.MDU(Microwave Disinfection Unit) is delivered in an all-weather steel inclosure.
2.Medical waste is lifted and dumped into the MDU.
3.The infeed hopper is sealed and waste is ground into unrecognizable particles by a sophisticated shredding system.
4.High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters are used to control odors.
5.Waste is then picked up by a stainless screw conveyor, moistened with steam, and passed by a series of microwave units.
6.The entire process is control by an on-board microprocessor.
7.The treated waste is then transported outside by a secondary screw conveyor and is safe for disposal in any municipal solid waste program.

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