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MinionLabs is the Neuro Specialists for the buildings which help users to reduce their electricity costs by performing user-friendly analytics by using AI-IoT techniques at an affordable price point.

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Minion is an Energy Suite for any Buildings that disaggregates appliance-wise consumption by installing Single Plug & Play device near Utility Meter or Breaker Panel. It learns the consumption pattern of each appliances devices simultaneously it compares with the benchmark, and if any appliance consumes more than benchmark immediately sends a notification to the user. And based on the consumption pattern it also predicts future electricity bills and usage on appliance level which will help the user to budget.
Minion helps the user to set & focus on particular tariff or price to save electricity costs by driving their consumption behaviour.
Minion also can be configured as NET Meter and helps the user to effectively use their generated power from solar grids without making them flow back to the grid.
Minion also does History Analytics, Area wise ranking, Goals & Tips, Analyses Loads and gives future recommendations.
Minions have high accuracy, plug and play, available in different connectivity standards, highly secured Data Transmission & Storage and it's Low Price. Minion is the World's Smallest Energy Auditor where it's size is 39x49mm which is smaller than a Just Born Baby's palm size.
Minion is completely stackable where it is configured depending on user’s feasibility, For example, 1 Phase, 3 Phase, Net Meter, Integration, WiFi Device, 3G/4G Device, LPWan Device, RF/Zigbee Device Etc.

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