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Bluerise develops large scale, low-cost, sustainable cooling and power systems by using the ocean's energy in the tropics. It saves 10 times the energy consumption for cooling, compared to regular air-conditioning, and provides reliable power, day and night. We have validated our technology and we are currently scaling it to our projects in the Caribbean.

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Ocean Thermal Energy

The ocean covers 70% of the planet. It’s our biggest natural solar collector. The surface collects and stores vast amounts of heat from the sun, but at the same time, the deep ocean is very cold. This temperature difference in the ocean is a giant source of sustainable energy, sort of like a big battery.

Bluerise uses this resource to provide very efficient sustainable cooling for buildings in the tropics by pumping ice-cold water from 1000 meter depth. These so called deep seawater district cooling systems are 10 times more efficient than regular air-conditioning. It saves 90% of the energy used for cooling. This translates into cost savings that can go up to 60%. Typical applications are cooling of houses, hotels, data centers, airports, but also greenhouses.

Moreover, Bluerise generates electricity using the temperature difference between the surface and the deep water in tropical oceans. This energy technology, known as Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), is an important addition to the energy mix, since it's available year-round, day and night. OTEC provides lower costs of energy compared to oil based generation in small island and isolated grids and attracts new industries and research to diversify and enhance an island’s economy.

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