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Established in 2006 by a group of enthusiastic and talented semiconductor elites, Big Sun Energy Technology Inc. is a professional solar energy manufacturer and service provider located in Taiwan. With the extraordinary abilities on design,production and service, BIG SUN focuses on providing customers with high-performance and high-quality
solar total solution.
BIG SUN dedicated ourselves as the pioneer of environmental protection, and has rapidly developed into a leading solar energy company. As the cost of conventional energy continues to rise sharply, the demand of alternative and renewable energies has increased rapidly every year; and the development of solar power so far has been considered as the significant issue of qualified replacement against the future energy crisis.
To seize the opportunity inherent in this swift market growth, we advance photovoltaic productions with the state-of-the-art process installations, BIG SUN's cell’s capacity can reach 150MW. Moreover, we keep the best R&D and invent iPV Tracker (DAT - Dual Axis Tracker) to generate up to 30%~100% more power than fixed tilt solar system.
BIG SUN keeps on going toward a world-class solar service provider and providing a cost-wise PV solution to
worldwide customers.

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The latest version of iPV Tracker (Dual Axis Tracker) with global patented in cable mechanical driven to rotate 360 degree can generate more than 100% power than fixed-type system while counting on its patented tracking structure by cable mechanism plus applying to the bifacial module on it. One bifacial iPV Tracker delivers multiple power and profits, it also can optimize the land use rate and cost down the installation.

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