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Waste Ventures India is a waste management social enterprise that is moving Indian solid waste sector to models that are simultaneously environmentally and financially sustainable. We offer professional waste collection and processing services to households, corporate clients and waste pickers. Since late 2013, we have averted over 3,000 tons of waste from Indian dumpsites. We offer one of the first digital doorstep recyclable pickup service. Our current clients and partners includes corporates such as Google, Infosys, Flipkart, Coca cola and over 18,000 households.

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First digital recyclable pickup platform in Hyderabad which leverages the distributed informal collector network of scrap dealers and waste pickers in India. The solution includes 4 simple step starting with (1) Customer schedules a pickup on Toter web/app (2) Just prior to pickup time, request is sent to a 3rd party collector in the network (3) Waste Ventures India purchases the waste from the Toter agents & sorts/bales it (4) Waste is sent to only government certified recyclers

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