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Citispotter is a Cambridge (UK) based start-up that has been developing proprietary AI-enabled technologies for digital media and brands to analyse and optimize marketing content. With AI Engine, the content marketers can optimize emails, blogs, social media posts, press releases and brand taglines for emotional engagement and impactful language. It helps to boost customer engagement and increase ROI.
Citispotter ( is a multi-award-winning deep tech company that applies a proprietary content analysis engine and AI to help digital businesses optimise marketing content. It received Grand Prize under UN SDG Goal 5 Equality Track at Oslo Innovation Week 2020 ( and featured by Department for International Trade (DIT, UK Government) Global Entrepreneur Programme on their website among great global companies Headquartered in the UK solving some of the world's biggest problems. (, Cofinitive mentioned Citispotter in the #21towatch 2020 shortlist for innovative companies of the future in the Cambridge area. It is on the acceleration programme at the Accelerate Cambridge, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (UK), and We Work Jumpstart (India). Also, recently received the seed investment from Essex University (UK).

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Citispotter AI Content Assistant

Citispotter’s AI-powered content assistant helps content marketers to optimize content for emotional engagement and impactful language. The tool enables content creators and marketers to analyze the content in real-time on emotions and sentiments. The tool suggests what emotions are being invoked in the readers while reading the content. It highlights specific sentence related to Emotions (Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Love, Disgust, Surprise) and Sentiments (Negative and Positive tone).
The current product is the result of constant feedback received from corporate mentors including Samsung and Accenture Nordic team. It helped Citispotter team to stress-test assumptions and target the fundamental problem of content creators, which is to produce engaging content daily. As the gap is enormous in the content analysis market because marketers could not understand the engagement analytics beyond the tracking of likes and shares. Here, the tool comes into picture and helped marketers to understand the emotional quotient of the content and highlights emotions to the specific sentences. Hence, marketer can analyze and tweak their content to target specific emotions in their audience.

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