Pulz Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Sri Lanka

Pulz Technologies (Pulztec) is a technology innovation lab in Sri Lanka, focused on developing new technologies and IP to solve problems in regional and global markets. Pulztec works on multidisciplinary technologies including artificial intelligence, image and voice processing, language processing, multilingual data processing, electronics, and robotics. Pulztec's innovations have won international and regional technology awards for research and development, and hold patents in the USA, UK, and Sri Lanka with other regional patents pending. Pulz Technologies (Pvt) Ltd (Pulztec) is a registered private limited liability company, founded by Mr. Kumar Navaratnam and incorporated under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka in October 2012.

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AiSmartForm Technology Platform

AiSmartForm is a technology utility that enables digital forms to collect and handle multilingual data inputs in various language character-sets and convert that data into English, or another language, required for data processing. This technology overcomes the language-barrier faced in multilingual markets where English is not the primary language, enabling the digital onboarding of users in the language of their choice on any device. By connecting to the AiSmartForm platform, digital forms on websites, mobile apps, and kiosks can call on field-specific virtual smart keyboards and language conversion tools to enable quick and easy data collection and digital record creation in multiple languages. Examples of use cases include digital forms for the processing of travel visas, identity documents, police reports, KYC mandates, customer onboarding for products and services, inpatient admissions at hospitals, and others.

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