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Standardized Geothermal Power Plant

Our solution improves geothermal energy by making it cleaner and more efficient. When producing geothermal energy, there are two major challenges: 1. Unwanted gas production, that is being unavoidably co-produced when pumping up hot water. Up to today, these small gas quantities are simply vented in the atmosphere and severely increase the CO2 footprint of the power plant. 2. Geothermal energy processes only work efficiently at a certain temperature above 170 degrees Celsius. This temperature inefficiency geographically limits possible project locations down to a fraction of countries around the world. Our solution tackles both of the above-mentioned challenges, by capturing all unwanted gases and reducing the CO2 footprint to levels below solar or wind technologies. In addition, the process is optimized to run at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, thereby significantly increasing the number of countries around the world that can now harness their local geothermal heat and power. Our absolute priority is to produce the cheapest energy available to the market. All components of our solution are industry-tested, standardized, and mass-produced, which allows us to dramatically reduce the cost of the power plant and minimize technological risk. We turned our solution into a standardized product that we intend to replicate and roll out worldwide on a turnkey basis. The capacity of our power plant solution is 20 MW electricity and 80 MW thermal heat, baseload generated with annual production hours of 8200. This translates into an annual net output of 100,000 MWh electricity and 600,000 MWh thermal heat. The immense amount of cheap heat energy can be utilized in a heating cascade for district heating grids, industrial processes, recreational projects, greenhouses, and water desalination. We have entered partnerships with globally leading manufacturers and established a scientific advisory board consisting of world renown members in the field of geothermal energy.

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