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Ira Noah PLT aims to provide a better alternative to the highly processed fast food out there in the market, fostering a whole new approach in consuming ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food that are not only rich in taste but also brings health benefits and guilt-free. Ira Noah PLT aspires to spur and revolutionize a healthy eating movement throughout the different levels of society from young to old. Our view is that healthy food need not be expensive and tasteless. The increasing awareness of keeping a good diet expands the market for healthy food together with Ira Noah wants to be at the forefront.

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➢ We used jackfruit as our main ingredient. Our patty composition offers a low-calorie and fiber-rich, it can be an alternative for vegetarians or individuals who were on a weight loss plan. Our focus also on flexitarian consumers which are people who still consume meat but seek to reduce the levels they consume.
➢ JACKFRUIT has nearly similar physical characteristics to ordinary meat or chicken patty.
➢ JACKFRUIT with distinctive sweet and fruity aroma provides flavor and taste enhancement to the patty composition. So, we do not use any artificial taste enhancer and flavoring.
➢ JACKFRUIT is also cost-effective because it is locally produced, not a cash crop, and available all year round.

The technology we used is a young jackfruit bulb that goes through a de-assimilation process to eliminate the complex sugar chain called ‘polysaccharide’ that gives the ‘gassy sensation’ and bitter taste. The technology is now patented. And our product has attained the HALAL status.

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