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Vision Mechatronics started with Robotics and Industrial Automation. Later ventured into renewable, energy storage and electric mobility

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OneBox™ is an integrated, flicker free solution which provides uninterrupted, zero blackout. OneBox™ consists of charge controller, Hybrid Inverter and World's Smartest Lithium Battery: Li-Rack Eco with Active Balancing which increases the efficiency and life of the Battery. OneBox™ offers indigenously developed Preventive Monitoring solutions for Lithium Batteries which helps us/end user to predict 15 days in advance that the battery will be non-functional or needs repair/replacement. Our batteries are Non-Flammable and Non-Explosive, Maintenance free, Compact and the most stable Lithium-Ion chemistry. OneBox™ easily integrates solar generation forming microgrids and mini grids which can provide power even during prolonged outages. With Grid feed feature, OneBox™ can also provide ancillary services like demand management and load shifting.

Our batteries comes with fast charging feature which get charged upto 70% within 15 mins so may not require higher backup

Salient Features of OneBox™
1) Lithium Based Long Life Batteries: ~4000 cycles @ 80% DOD (~10 years)
2) Integrated system to give you a completely uninterrupted power and Zero Blackout
3) Fast Switching from one power source to another so that your system do not reset/restart
4) Flicker Free System
5) Compact solution on wheels for easy movement
6) Remote monitoring via Ethernet/GSM
7) Local Monitoring (Optional) if required
8) Fast Charge Feature: Full charge in 2 hours
9) Easy Installations D-I-Y Solution
10) Maintenance free solution
11) Energy Efficient system to help you save on Operational Costs
12) Active Balancing Included for better efficiency and improve life of batteries
13) Solar Ready Solution
14) Automatic Switchover to Diesel Generator Possible (Only in Premium Model)
15) Grid Feed Possible (Net Metering compatible) with Anti-Islanding Feature
16) Lowest Self Consumption and Single Phase Outage Support (Only in Premium Model)

OneBox™ = Diesel Generator+Ups-Battery+Stabilizer (means OneBox™ can perform all the three functions very effectively)
OneBox™ Gives an ROI to 1.7 to 3yrs depending upon the size of the system. More the use faster is the ROI.

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