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Positioned at the heart of the food, energy and water nexus: The Waste Transformers transform organic (food)waste streams (350kg/3600kg/day) into clean energy (mini-grids), recovered water and organic fertiliser, on-site in small-scale containerized anaerobic digesters, aka Waste Transformers, powering the good growth of those same communities and companies that produced the organic (food)waste. Fertilizer can be used back in agriculture for food production closing the nutrient biocycle.

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Waste Transformer

A Waste Transformer turns organic waste into clean energy (biogas or electricity and heat) on-site where organic waste is produced. No transport of waste to landfill. Every community and business who produce organic waste, can run their own Waste Transformer, which is monitored 24/7 online. No technical knowledge is needed, only daily feeding with organic waste. Is is a modular system, adapted to the local needs and amount of waste available (350kg/day-3600kg/day). Suitable for urban and agricultural environments.

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