; CliniQ - MyLife+PMS (Patients and Doctors and Clinics); ACE: Advance Clinical Ecosystem; IoT - all across; CareMate Health ATM + Public Health

CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies


CliniVantage Healthcare technologies is a smart future-facing healthcare solution. A digital data mobility platform that is designed and developed to transform the way healthcare stakeholders interact with each other. An end to end PaaS-based solution that integrates operational, clinical, administration, financial and consumer-centric services to not only deliver efficient healthcare but also enhance the patient experience.

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CliniQ - MyLife+PMS (Patients and Doctors and Clinics); ACE: Advance Clinical Ecosystem; IoT - all across; CareMate Health ATM + Public Health

CliniQ: Patient App & PMS
CliniQ is complete practice management with telemedicine features that encompasses a mobile application for patients with the integration of smart IoT devices. The solution empowers patients and enables him to make informed decisions. Think management of records, appointment booking, bill payments, notification at the time of emergency and access or renewals of the diagnostics orders & e-prescription. This platform enables doctors to manage patient’s health records, maintain digital case sheets, real-time access to medical records anywhere to enhance care standards and avoid replications.
ACE: Solution for Hospitals
Made to increase efficiency among healthcare providers, the ACE platform is designed to manage the operational, clinical, administrative and financial services of an organization. It enables point-of-care engagement via integration, coordination and sharing of information.
Solution for Public Health
Caremate Health ATM is a single integrated machine designed to diagnose chronic diseases. It is a machine introduced with all the latest diagnostic equipment for basic vitals, cardiology, neurology, pulmonary testing, gynecology, basic laboratory testing and emergency facilities. The solution is modernized, simplified, accurate & provides fast service to the patients without any friction with the medical authorities. It enables:
* Automated health screening and diagnostics
* Live video-consultation with reputed doctors and specialists
* Instant health report and prescription from the healthcare provider
* Management and monitoring of patient’s health on the mobile
IoT devices
Built on the pillars of interoperability (stakeholders), artificial intelligence, the platform is well connected with IoT devices. CliniVantage’s IoT device, Health Monitor can test blood pressure, oxygen, blood sugar levels, temperature, and ECG. For a communicable disease like COVID-19, continuous monitoring of the patient’s vitals is very necessary. The vitals monitored through this IoT device gets reflected in the patient’s mobile application and the clinician can monitor these vitals on a real-time basis.

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