; Technology for Low-Cost Hybrid-Hydrogen (SOH) Gas Generation out of Water

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Working since 2005 on technologies for hydrogen and hybrid-hydrogen fuel's production out of water, at a cost, close to zero.

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Technology for Low-Cost Hybrid-Hydrogen (SOH) Gas Generation out of Water

Low-Power Water-Electrolysis (LPWE) Method for production of Stoichiometric Oxygen-Hydrogen (SOH) Gas Composition with as low electric energy as 0.4Wh/L SOH.
SOH Gas Flame performs ultrahigh (>6,000deg.C) temperatures while heating some UHTC cearamics as ZrO2, Ta4HfC5, etc.
Modified Oxygen-Hydrogen (MOH) Gas Stoichiometric Composition is an infrasonic-modified gas, which could be compressed and liquefied (1bar/-178deg.C), and pumped into CNG/LNG tanks, inlike the regular SOH.
It can burn perfectly in simple, regular Gasoline IC Engines.
MOH is 2.5 times denser, much safer and 100 times cheaper than the pure H2.
MOH was patented in 2008 and 2011 in Japan, as Ohmasa Gas.

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