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Growrite Substrates (Pvt) Ltd is seeking the partnership of Startups in the Agritech sector who can provide innovative solutions in the areas of Precision Agriculture, Data Analytics in Agriculture, Farm Services and Fintech in Agriculture and in return will be supporting the partners to build capacity with in the local market through the above initiative.

Opportunity Description

Development of Greenhouse technology in Sri Lanka:
i. Climate risk mitigation.
ii. Developing youth as agripreneurs rather than farmers by introduction of world class precision agriculture techniques.
iii. Market access and post-harvest waste elimination guaranteeing long-term economic sustainability of farming.
iv. Improvement of productivity in the local agriculture sector and contributing to national food security.
v. Effective water, energy, fertilizer, and chemical utilization and reducing ecological footprint using smart tech.
vi. Certification and development
vii. Introduction of bio controls for pest and disease control significantly reducing the risk of food contamination.

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