Lupa was born as an automotive company to respond to sustainable and economical mobility.
We solve the mobility of people from the first to the last mile.

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Lupa E26

Posted: 10/04/2021

We will design and manufacture a system that will allow the customer to buy the car with or without a battery. The
battery can be mounted on any Lupa model in workshops attached to the brand in less than an hour.
What do you do with the car without a battery?
You can sell it second hand. The person who buys it can buy a new battery from us directly.
You sell the car and keep the battery What do you do with the drums?
You buy another new magnifying glass without battery and assemble it in the attached workshop that the new car provides you The battery is more than 10 years old and performance has decreased.
Do I have to throw it away?
You can install it inside a PowerHome and thus store energy at home. Giving it a second useful life.

At Lupa we want to change the rules. All of our vehicles will come with an integrated scooter, the Lupa QNi.
You no longer have to find a place to park near your destination. You will be able to access the center of the big cities without problems. Areas where it is difficult to park the car, pedestrian areas, etc. The Lupa QNi battery will be charged inside the vehicle, so that you are always ready and that nothing slows you down.

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