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We are a highly skilled team of professionals, who have created the best indoor positioning solution in the world. We provide our customers with a top of the market indoor positioning technology. Different kind of solutions can be built around this technology. There is only a handful of companies providing RTLS with UWB ToF tech. Noccela is one of them. Some of the major benefits of UWB are the 10cm accuracy, 150 m range and suitability for area detection, no interference with metal surfaces, or human bodies, etc.




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Noccela Positioning as a service

Posted: 06/04/2021

Our solution
In order for the system to function, Noccela Beacons are installed in the ceiling to allow dual-way communication with the tracking devices. The solution is an ideal fit for tracking people and items indoors. The technology can be embedded in different types of products as an additional feature. In our Noccela Retail line of products we have created Noccela Smart Tags and Noccela Badges with the tracking features. As an additional product we have a Noccela Call Button. All of these products gather real-time data and alert the desired people via the Noccela Application.