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Date of Posted

April 01, 2022

Date of Submission

May 20, 2022



Delegation of European Union to India (EUDEL) & Global Business Inroads


Call for innovative technologies for Biodiversity conservation


The Delegation of European Union to India and Bhutan (EUDEL) in collaboration with Global Business Inroads is organising the Biodiversity means Business II: Greener EU-India Supply Chains & Technologies Event in June. The event will address the adaptation, promotion and enforcement of greener corporate and public policies, technology, innovation, and models at the national, state and city levels. The event will bring together actual business partners from India and EU and let them further explore the challenges and opportunities in such joint ventures. The scope of technologies will encompass all elements of the (draft) Global Biodiversity Framework but with a specific focus on 4 Aspects of biodiversity conservation restauration in India & EU: (i) Terrestrial Landscapes, (ii) Marine/Coastal & River Ecosystems, (iii) Wildlife and habitats protection, (iv) Wetlands. As part of the event, we are organising a pre-set B2B meeting which will bring together EU and Indian tech companies – adopters (public or private) and financing organizations that have a direct impact on biodiversity for collaboration. We will also be showcasing 50 technologies be business models for biodiversity actions in India with various stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Please apply for the call if you would like to participate in the B2B meetings or if you would like to showcase your technology or business models. Please register using Reference Code BD TECH to apply.

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